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GOP Lawmaker Warns Brown Immigrants Will Make U.S. ‘Look Like South American Countries’


GOP Lawmaker Warns Brown Immigrants Will Make U.S. ‘Look Like South American Countries’

GOP state Sen. Sylvia Allen is facing calls from Democrats and Republicans to retire after warning in a speech earlier this month that immigration combined with low white birthrates will mean “we’re going to look like South American countries very quickly.”

In a July 15 speech first reported by the Phoenix New Times, Allen said “The median age of a white woman is 43. The median age of a Hispanic woman is 27… we are not reproducing ourselves, the birthrates.”

The Hill reports:

Allen went on to cite demographic research by business professor James Johnson of the University of North Carolina that she said illustrated “the browning of America,” the title of a presentation by Johnson.

Allen’s summary of Johnson’s research does not draw the same conclusions as Johnson himself, who presents demographic trends as an inevitability that the U.S. must adapt to rather than something that must be reversed, according to the New Times.

Wendy Rogers (R), who is currently running for Allen’s state senate seat, called Allen’s comments “very racist” and said Allen should retire from the legislature.

The Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee issued a statement comparing her comments to 2018 remarks by then-Rep. David Stringer (R), who called immigration an “existential threat” and said “there aren’t enough white kids to go around” in state schools.

Allen issued a statement of Friday, saying she “sincerely apologiz[ed] to anyone who has been hurt by my words” but then claimed, “my remarks from a recent event have been made into something they are not.”


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