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GOP Lawmaker Warns Black Attorney She ‘May Go Missing’ If She Tries To Remove Confederate Monuments

Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer (R, right) and former Rep. LaDawn Jones (D, left)


GOP Lawmaker Warns Black Attorney She ‘May Go Missing’ If She Tries To Remove Confederate Monuments

A Republican member of the Georgia House of Representatives warned a Democratic former colleague who criticized his support for Confederate monuments on Facebook that she won’t be “met with torches but something a lot more definitive” if she continues to call for the removal of the statues in south Georgia.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer (R) told former state Rep. LaDawn Jones, who represented an Atlanta-based district from 2012 to 2016,  that “people in South Georgia are people of action, not drama” and suggested some who don’t understand that “will go missing in the Okefenokee” swamp.

“This is Georgia’s history. #DealWithIt,” Spencer wrote on a Facebook post which included a selfie he took with a South Georgia monument to Confederate president Jefferson Davis.

Jones responded to the post by questioning whether state tax dollars should help pay for the upkeep of the memorial.

In 2015, she pushed for a boycott of Georgia’s Stone Mountain after a white supremacist massacred nine black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., arguing that the Confederate etching there had become a rallying point for far-right extremists, according to The Intercept.

“Continue your quixotic journey into South Georgia and it will not be pleasant,” Spencer replied. “The truth. Not a warning. Those folks won’t put up with it like they do in Atlanta.”

“I can guarantee you won’t be met with torches but something a lot more definitive,” he continued, adding: “They will go missing in the Okefenokee [swamp]. Too many necks they are red around here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about ’em.

“Sounds like a threat of physical violence … is that what we are doing now?” Jones responded. “Desperate times call for desperate measures huh? Afraid of what is going to happen in southern GA? I saw those white supremacists crying when sh*t really hit the fan.”

Read screenshots of Spencer’s threats and Jones’ response below.
You can read the entire Facebook exchange, courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, below:


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