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GOP Lawmaker Compares Parkland Massacre Survivors To Hitler Youth


GOP Lawmaker Compares Parkland Massacre Survivors To Hitler Youth

Republican state lawmaker Mary Franson of Minnesota compared the “March For Our Lives” student protesters to Hitler Youth and disparaged Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg as “Supreme Leader Hogg” in a series of now-deleted Facebook attacks.

On the same day that more than a million people marched nationwide to call for gun control, Rep. Franson first shared another user’s post on the “Representative Mary Franson” Facebook page that criticized Florida shooting survivor David Hogg and referred to him as “Supreme Leader Hogg,” adding a raised-eyebrow emoji and the comment, “He’s the leader of the movement though.”

In a second post, Franson criticized the students over their calls for gun control.

“And there you have it friends,” she wrote. “The anti gunners, the high school students who speak for all, aren’t interested in an ‘inch.’ They want the mile. They want your guns. Gone.”

In a third post, Franson shared a photo of Hitler Youth wearing swastikas, and posted an Adolf Hilter quote.

The Hill adds:

The page has since been deleted, but Minneapolis’s City Pages shared screenshots of the posts taken by the Douglas County Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party.

Though she does not specifically reference the March For Our Lives in the post about Hitler Youth, the Douglas County DFL drew the connection to the other two posts when sharing them with activists.


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