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GOP Congressman Admits He Didn’t Bother To Read Mueller Report: It’s Not My Job To Remove A President


GOP Congressman Admits He Didn’t Bother To Read Mueller Report: It’s Not My Job To Remove A President

Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA) admitted on Sunday that he has not bothered to read former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report because it is not his “role” in Congress “to bring down a sitting president.”

Woodall made the stunning admission during an interview with MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Sunday evening.

After a brief discussion about President Donald Trump’s criticism of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the ongoing trade negotiations with Mexico, Hunt simply asked Woodall if he had read the Mueller Report.

“I have not,” he revealed.

“Why not?” Hunt pressed.

“I trusted Mr. Mueller, he took a lot of slings and arrows throughout this process, but every U.S. attorney I knew said this is a man of great integrity. He’s gonna lead this investigation,” he said.

“So why not read the report?” Hunt asked.

“Well, I have a concern when you put the entire power of the United States Justice Department behind anything, you can achieve an agenda. You can drive a message,” Woodall explained.

Woodall then attempted to justify not reading the report by noting that he had also not read independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s report on President Bill Clinton in 1998, before he was a member of Congress.

“As a concerned curious citizen, you weren’t interested to read it?” Hunt asked.

Woodall replied, “I didn’t read the Bill Clinton report, either. I didn’t follow any of that news.”

“You weren’t in Congress at the time!” Hunt noted.

“I was on the board of directors of the United States of America, as a voter,” he said. “The role I play in Congress, I promise you, is not to try to bring down a sitting president. The role I play in Congress is to try to work with my speaker so I can send a bill to the president’s desk.”

In a December 2017 constituent newsletter, Woodall promised to pay close attention to the Mueller investigation, then less than a year old, ThinkProgress notes.

“I believe that Americans deserve to know the extent to which Russia may have interfered in our elections, and I do hope you’d agree with me that any and all investigations must remain free of political bias,” he wrote. “My expectation is that most of the findings will be made public, but if any do need to remain classified, I commit to you that I will investigate those, as well.”

At an April 2018 debate, Woodall said he supported “getting to the bottom [of the Russian interference effort] so that folks don’t have any questions at all about who did what to whom and when did they do it.”

He claimed that Trump had been “maligned for what folks have shown absolutely no proof of whatsoever.”

ThinkProgress adds:

While Woodall now claims investigations are bad because they can advance a partisan agenda, he was fully in favor of such investigations during the Obama years when they were driving his own political message.

In 2013 and beyond, he pushed for a full examination of a now-debunked conspiracy theory that the Internal Revenue Service had improperly singled out Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status for more scrutiny than progressive organizations. He backed a resolution to hold the agency’s commissioner in contempt of Congress as “a very important, though very unfortunate issue.”

He boasted of his participation in a 2013 hearing on the Benghazi terror attacks, called “Benghazi: Exposing Failure and Recognizing Courage,” and, after months of investigations found little to support his stance, he backed the creation of another “Select Committee” to probe further.


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