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Giuliani ‘Butt-Dials’ NBC Reporter, Leaves Voicemail Discussing ‘Need For Cash And Trashing Bidens’


Giuliani ‘Butt-Dials’ NBC Reporter, Leaves Voicemail Discussing ‘Need For Cash And Trashing Bidens’

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani accidentally butt-dialed an NBC News reporter last week and left a three-minute-long voicemail discussing his need for cash with someone else in the room and trashing former Vice President Joe Biden.

NBC News’ Rich Schapiro revealed on Friday that he received the voicemail from Giuliani while he was asleep. The call came in at 11:07 p.m. on Oct. 16, but Schapiro says he didn’t listen to the voicemail until the following morning.

“In the recording, the words tumbling out of Giuliani’s mouth were not directed at the reporter. He was speaking to someone else, someone in the same room,” Schapiro writes. “Giuliani can be heard discussing overseas dealings and lamenting the need for cash, though it’s difficult to discern the full context of the conversation.”

“You know,” Giuliani says at the start of the recording. “Charles would have a hard time with a fraud case ‘cause he didn’t do any due diligence.”

Schapiro notes that it was not clear who Charles is, or who may have been implicated in a fraud.

“In fact, much of the message’s first minute is difficult to comprehend, in part because the voice of the other man in the conversation is muffled and barely intelligible,” he writes.

But then Giuliani says something that’s crystal clear.

“Let’s get back to business,” Giuliani can be heard telling the other individual in the room.

“I gotta get you to get on Bahrain,” he added.

NBC News reports:

Giuliani is well-connected in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Last December, he visited the Persian Gulf nation and had a one-on-one meeting with King Hamad Bin Isa al-Khalifa in the royal palace. “King receives high-level U.S. delegation,” read the headline of the state-run Bahrain News Agency blurb about the visit.

Giuliani runs a security consulting company, but it’s not clear why he would have a meeting with Bahrain’s king. Was he acting in his capacity as a consultant? As Trump’s lawyer? Or as an international fixer running a shadow foreign policy for the president?

In May, Giuliani told the Daily Beast his firm had signed a deal with Bahrain to advise its police force on counter-terrorism measures. But the Bahrain News Agency account of the meeting suggested Giuliani was viewed more like an ambassador than a security consultant. “HM the King praised the longstanding Bahraini-U.S. relations, noting keenness of the two countries to constantly develop them,” it said. The voicemail yielded no details about the meeting. But Giuliani can be heard telling the man that he’s “got to call Robert again tomorrow.”

“Is Robert around?” Giuliani asks in the voicemail.

“He’s in Turkey,” the unidentified man responds.

“The problem is we need some money,” Giuliani replies

“We need a few hundred thousand,” Giuliani says after a long pause.

NBC News notes that Giuliani is known to “have worked closely with a Robert who has ties to Turkey. His name is Robert Mangas, and he’s a lawyer at the firm Greenberg Traurig LLP, as well as a registered agent of the Turkish government. Giuliani himself was employed by Greenberg Traurig until about May 2018.”

Giuliani’s conversation partner can be heard responding to the $20,000 comment. But it’s possible to make out only the beginning of his answer, and even that is somewhat garbled.

“I’d say even if Bahrain could get, I’m not sure how good [unintelligible words] with his people,” the man says.

Giuliani appears to have butt-dialed Washington Post White House reporter Josh Dawsey earlier this year.

Dawsey tweeted in March: “Thought Rudy Giuliani was calling me tonight to claim victory. Instead it was a semi-regular pocket dial. Sounded like fun was being had.”


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