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Georgia GOP Candidate Brian Kemp Stopped From Voting By The Very Voter ID Law He Oversees


Georgia GOP Candidate Brian Kemp Stopped From Voting By The Very Voter ID Law He Oversees

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, who is also the current secretary of state of Georgia, ran into issues with his voter ID when he attempted to cast his ballot on Tuesday, reports NBC News.

When Kemp, who oversees elections in Georgia, tried to place his ballot in the scanner, his voter card was deemed “invalid” and he had to use another card to vote, according to ABC’s WSB-TV in Atlanta.

“It turns out his voting card was invalid,” WSB-TV reported.

Voters must present a Georgia driver’s license, government employee ID, valid U.S. passport, valid military ID, valid tribal ID or a free voter ID card distributed through a country registrar or Department of Driver Services Office, according to the Georgia Secretary of State website.

Kemp was eventually able to cast his ballot after retrieving a second form of ID.

Many Georgia voters reported hours-long wait times and malfunctioning voting machines at some of the state’s polling sites. The Hill notes that one polling location “mistakenly installed only three voting machines where there should have been one voting machine to every 350 voters registered in that precinct.”

Kemp was sued in October for suppressing minority votes after an Associated Press investigation revealed a month before November’s midterm election that his office has not approved 53,000 voter registrations – the vast majority filed by African-Americans.

Kemp, who is running for governor against Democrat Stacey Abrams, says his actions comply with a 2017 state law that requires voter registration information to match exactly with data from the Department of Motor Vehicles or Social Security Administration.

The law disproportionately affects black and Latino voters, say the civil rights groups who brought the lawsuit.


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