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George Conway Rips Trump For ‘Expressing Glee That A Citizen’ Was ‘The Victim Of A Crime’


George Conway Rips Trump For ‘Expressing Glee That A Citizen’ Was ‘The Victim Of A Crime’

Donald Trump on Friday sarcastically mocked and appeared to celebrate reports that the Baltimore home of the Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings had been burglarized on the same day the president made a racist attack on him.

Cummings’ home in Baltimore was reported broken into early on Saturday, hours before Trump tweeted that Cummings is a “brutal bully” and that Baltimore was a “disgusting, rat- and rodent-infested mess”.

Baltimore police on Friday released an incident report revealing the break-in.

Trump responded on Twitter: “Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah Cummings was robbed. Too bad!”

The tweet prompted swift condemnation from many, including the former ambassador to the UN and staunch Trump ally, Nikki Haley, who has been a staunch Trump ally.

She responded to Trump’s tweet by writing “this is so unnecessary” with an eyeroll emoji.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway retweeted Haley’s post and said it was her message that was unnecessary.

“THIS is so unnecessary,” Conway tweeted, adding: “Trump-PENCE2020.”

Conway’s husband, attorney George Conway, blasted the president’s tweet, writing: “Here is the president of the United States, charged with faithfully executing the nation’s laws, expressing glee that a citizen, a respected member of Congress, is the victim of a crime.”

Illinois GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger said Trump’s tweet was “so beneath the office you hold”.

“It’s childish, and yet it’s getting really old,” tweeted Kinzinger, who has criticized Trump in the past.


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