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A Furious Trump Reportedly Asked AG Jeff Sessions To Have Omarosa Arrested


A Furious Trump Reportedly Asked AG Jeff Sessions To Have Omarosa Arrested

President Donald Trump is reportedly in a “death spiral” over explosive claims made by former adviser and Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault-Newman in her new book, Unhinged, and over the release of secretly recorded audio of him and other White House officials.

A new report from Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman claims that “Trump told advisers that he wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to have Manigault Newman arrested” despite the fact that “it’s unclear what law Trump believes she broke.”

This comes from “one Republican briefed on the conversations.”

Law&Crime notes that there is likely no grounds for such action.

Secretly recording conversations like Omarosa did is legal in Washington, D.C. because only one party in a conversation has to give consent there. It doesn’t even matter that she did it in the White House, unless the conversations had to do with national defense, which seems highly unlikely, given what she’s disclosed so far.

Two former White House officials told Sherman that Manigault-Newman has been masterful in the rollout of her book, as it seems her every move is designed purposefully troll the president and make him explode with rage.

“She is doing everything perfect if her ultimate goal is to troll Trump,” one official explained.

One former Trump White House official said that Trump’s anger at Omarosa was setting him on a “death spiral” similar to the one that consumed his campaign in the summer of 2016 when he attacked a Gold Star father who was critical of his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

Update: Omarosa reacted to Sherman’s report by calling Trump “Nixon”: “What Mr. Nixon, I mean Mr. Trump does, will be brought to light. Every action that he takes against me jeopardizes him and his presidency. So I think that you should watch his behavior and how he is unraveling. And I don’t have any fear…”


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