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Fox News Host Slammed For Sharing “Racist” Theory For Booker’s Exit: I Heard “He’s Lazy”


Fox News Host Slammed For Sharing “Racist” Theory For Booker’s Exit: I Heard “He’s Lazy”

Fox News host Melissa Francis on Monday was slammed for sharing a “racist” reaction to the news that Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) had ended his presidential campaign by suggesting “he’s lazy.”

The Senator announced on Monday morning that he was suspending his campaign after failing to make yet another Democratic primary debate stage/

Booker, whose run focused largely on unity, struggled to gain any traction in national polls.

During Monday’s Fox News broadcast of “Outnumbered,” anchor Harris Faulkner wondered aloud why the senator’s campaign was unable to break through despite “enthusiastic crowds and an impressive pile of endorsements.”

“Well, he really did not have a message to begin with,” Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones responded. “He talked about a lot of progressive ideas, but he kind of was under the radar, most of the debates. He did not have a breakout moment. I don’t think his campaign was really organized.”

After Jones claimed that Booker’s campaign “tanked” because he leaned too far left and “got away from himself,” Francis offered up another possible explanation.

“Jeanne, we’ve had Democrats on the couch who’ve worked with him who say that he’s lazy,” Francis said to fellow co-host Jeanne Zaino.

Francis did not offer specific names or examples of Democratic colleagues saying that Booker is lazy.

“Cory Booker?” a surprised Zaino asked, prompting Francis to confirm, “Yeah.”

“I would not suggest that Cory Booker is lazy,” Zaino, a political consultant, continued, “but I do think the campaign from the beginning—he could not find his footing.”

Twitter users and activists groups slammed Francis for her “racist” comments.


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