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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Fox News Host: Millions Of Insured Americans Would Be Better Off With No Health Insurance


Fox News Host: Millions Of Insured Americans Would Be Better Off With No Health Insurance

As many as 19.9 million Americans would lose stand to lose their health insurance if a court challenge backed by the Trump administration succeeds in tossing out the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to one analysis.

The 2010 Obama-era health law has significantly helped in reducing the nation’s uninsured rate, extended coverage to low-income families and guaranteed people can’t be denied coverage based on existing medical conditions.

Despite the ACA’s many accomplishments, Fox News co-host Katie Pavlich suggested on Wednesday that millions of Americans would be better off with nothing instead of their ACA coverage.

“The problem is, if the government now invalidates Obamacare through the courts, if they can’t come up with something — which they haven’t been able to do for almost 10 years now, since Obamacare has passed — people will be left with nothing. And that is a bigger problem than right now,” argued Fox News co-host Marie Harf.

“It might not be, actually,” Pavlich fired back. “Because right now, as the president said, your premium is $7,000 on average — or your deductible. Your premiums are very expensive. But you have to spend seven grand before your insurance even kicks in.”

She continued: “So it’s almost like paying out of pocket. So people will be left with paying out of pocket like they are in a lot of cases now. But to your point about the Department of Justice not defending this in court, that is exactly the point. President Trump in every other situation has put Congress on notice by saying, “This is your job. We are not going to defend this anymore. You have an obligation to do this.”

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