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Fox News Host: ‘Dead So-Called Journalist’ Jamal Khashoggi Really A ‘Deep State Saudi Spook’


Fox News Host: ‘Dead So-Called Journalist’ Jamal Khashoggi Really A ‘Deep State Saudi Spook’

A Fox News substitute host filling in for Tucker Carlson on Wednesday referred to murdered Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi as a “dead so-called journalist” and a “deep state Saudi spook.”

“And we should also be clear, too, Khashoggi is being presented as a hero of journalism,” said Mark Steyn, during an interview with Nigel Farage.

“He’s probably going to be Time magazine’s Man of the Year just because he is a dead so-called journalist,” he added.

“But in fact, he was kind of a deep state Saudi spook who just happened to fall out with the royal family,” Steyn continued, “In a sense, it’s different sets of bad guys we’re arguing about when we’re talking about Saudi Arabia.”

Farage agreed with Steyn’s remarks.

“Of course it is,” he said.

President Trump on Thanksgiving Day continued to defend his response to Saudi Arabia over the murder of Khashoggi last month, asserting that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “hates” the situation “more than I do” and disputing that the CIA has “concluded” that the crown prince was responsible for his death.

“I hate the crime and I hate what is done and I hate the cover-up. And I will tell you this, the crown prince hates it more than I do,” Trump told reporters following an off-the-rails phone call with members of the military on Thursday morning.

Trump insisted Thursday that “the CIA points it both ways” after reports emerged last week that the CIA has concluded with a high degree of certainty that the crown prince ordered Khashoggi’s murder. Trump accused the press of “false reporting.”


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