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Fox News Founder Mocked Trump After Phone Call, Called Him A ‘F–king Idiot’: Book Claims


Fox News Founder Mocked Trump After Phone Call, Called Him A ‘F–king Idiot’: Book Claims

Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch called President Trump a “f—ing idiot” according to an excerpt of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff, that was published by New York Magazine on Wednesday.

Murdoch made the expletive remark after speaking to Trump on the phone about a month after the presidential election, when the president-elect called him to go over a meeting with a group of tech company executives.

According to the excerpt, the media mogul was unimpressed with Trump’s grasp of politics and his understanding of immigration visas or the relationship between tech companies and former President Barack Obama.

After their call, Murdoch reportedly said: “What a f—ing idiot.”

Trump told Murdoch the meeting with the Silicon Valley tech titans had been “great.”

“These guys really need my help. Obama was not very favorable to them, too much regulation,” Trump said, according to the excerpt.

“This is really an opportunity for me to help them.”

However, Murdoch said that “for eight years these guys had Obama in their pocket.”

“They practically ran the administration,” he added. “They don’t need your help.”

The Hill added:

Murdoch reportedly warned Trump about taking a liberal stance on H-1B visas, a program used by tech companies to bring high-skilled workers to the U.S.

He suggested that if Trump helped the tech companies with H-1B visas, it could be hard to square with his stance to take a harder line on immigration.

Wolff wrote that Trump shrugged off the suggestion.

“We’ll figure it out,” Trump said.



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