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Fox News Contributor Blames Epstein’s 2008 Plea Deal On Obama. (He Became President In 2009)


Fox News Contributor Blames Epstein’s 2008 Plea Deal On Obama. (He Became President In 2009)

A Fox News contributor on Tuesday blamed President Barack Obama’s Justice Department for giving billionaire Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart plea deal in 2008.

During an appearance on Fox’s Outnumbered, Lawrence Jones falsely claimed that the deal was occurred “in 2008, under a Democratic administration.”

President Obama was elected in November 2008 but did not actually become president or set up his administration until January 2009. President Bush was president at the time the plea deal was signed.

Jones: Well, I don’t think people are taking a total look at this. Because there’s a lot of things that go into these decisions. A, when it’s someone like this involved, this does not skip Washington. That means that AG knew about it, that means the investigative agency, the FBI, Bob Mueller —

Harris Faulkner: Well as Christine Pelosi said, some of the faves in the Democrat Party may be on a list here somewhere.

Jones: Exactly. Well, this was in 2008, under a Democratic administration.

Faulkner: Right.

Jones: So it’s not just [Alex] Acosta making a decision like this. Other factors go — and if there was corruption, then every investigative agency that was involved with it, including the attorney general’s office, knew something about it.

Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta has faced renewed scrutiny for his role in offering Epstein a secret plea deal in 2008 that critics have denounced as too lenient following the financier’s arrest on new sex trafficking charges Sunday.

Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to two charges of felony prostitution and spent 13 months in prison. Under the terms of the deal, he was released during the day for six days a week so he could work in his office.


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