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Fox News Blames ‘Technical Difficulties’ After Some Viewers Accuse Host Of Being Drunk On-Air


Fox News Blames ‘Technical Difficulties’ After Some Viewers Accuse Host Of Being Drunk On-Air

Fox News on Sunday issued an explanation for Saturday’s episode of “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” which was marred by “technical difficulties” and the appearance of host Jeanine Pirro, whom many viewers thought seemed disheveled and perhaps even under the influence.

Social media speculation arose after Pirro appeared to stumble over her words after missing the entire first segment of her show.

“Welcome back. It’s good to see you tonight, and we apologize for the technical difficulties,” Pirro said with a laugh while opening her show. “But we’re certainly delighted to have Sen. Marsha Blackburn with us to talk about the coronavirus.”

In a statement to USA TODAY provided by Fox News representative Alexandra Coscia, the network attributed the delay to a teleprompter malfunction and other technical issues while trying to host a live show remotely.

“Jeanine Pirro was broadcasting from her home for the first time when she encountered several technical difficulties which impacted the quality of her show, including the loss of a teleprompter,” the statement read. “As we have previously said, we are operating with a reduced staff working remotely to ensure the health and safety of our employees in these unprecedented times.”

Some viewers on social media assumed Pirro was drunk, sharing video clips in which she appeared to stumble over her words.

“OMG,” tweeted Vox reporter Aaron Rupar. “What is Fox News doing putting someone on the air in (this) condition?”

“Will another one bite the dust? Let’s just say she’s not one to support other women,” former Fox host Gretchen Carlson wrote alongside an article declaring Pirro appeared “disheveled and tipsy.”

Pirro fired back at one Twitter user’s comment claiming “she looks about 150 proof,” Pirro replied: “Keep hating. U wear it well.”

Pirro also defended herself in a tweet that claimed her hair was out of place because of an audio device in her ear with “no staff around to notice”.

“I was in a truck that was not prepared to broadcast [because] we had no connection, no visual and no teleprompter,” she wrote.


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