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Fox News’ Alternate Reality: Sean Hannity Covered Tuesday Night’s Election Results For Just 6 Seconds

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Fox News’ Alternate Reality: Sean Hannity Covered Tuesday Night’s Election Results For Just 6 Seconds

On Tuesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity dedicated just 6 seconds of his broadcast to an election night which saw Democrats defeat Republicans in a number of key races across the country.

Democrat Ralph Northam won the Virginia governor’s race and Phil Murphy won the New Jersey governor’s race, a position that had been in Republican Chris Christie’s hands for eight tumultuous years. Democrats also saw major wins in mayoral contests, state legislative races and ballot measures across the country.

Both CNN and MSNBC offered viewers nonstop coverage of the election results all night, while also covering President Trump’s address to the Korean National Assembly in South Korea.

But over on Fox News, viewers were given an alternate reality courtesy of Sean Hannity who had promised to cover the election results during his show in an earlier tweet.

As Tucker Carlson handed over Fox News’ coverage to his colleague, Hannity told his viewers, “By the way, those results in Virginia, New Jersey, New York — by the way, not states Donald Trump won.”

His brief recap of the night’s elections results appeared to insinuate that elections happening outside of Trump strongholds don’t matter. notes:

After that, Fox News would go more than 100 minutes before even mentioning the night’s elections again. Hannity spent a bulk of his show previewing and then airing Trump’s speech in South Korea, at one point defending the president’s use of the term “Rocket Man” to describe North Korea’s Kim Jong-un as an example of “strength.”

“Easy to just mock Hannity for this, but it’s more important than that,” noted CNN media editor Alex Koppelman. “A whole universe of people who won’t be told about important news. An alternate reality.”

Last week, Late Night host Seth Myers took a look at Fox News Channel’s recent coverage, from Lou Dobbs’ softball interview with President Trump to Sean Hannity’s obsession with debunked conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.


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