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Fox News Abruptly Cuts Away From Live Feed After Trump Goes Off About Dead Bodies Left In Fields


Fox News Abruptly Cuts Away From Live Feed After Trump Goes Off About Dead Bodies Left In Fields

Fox News on Wednesday abruptly cut away from a live gaggle with reporters held by President Donald Trump in San Antonio, Texas, after the president began incoherently discussing trucks and fences and Texas residents finding pregnant bodies strewn all over their fields.

After listening to border stories from his 2020 campaign donors, Trump said he’s “going to have to call up more military,” even though they “can’t act like a military would act. Because if they got a little rough, everybody would go crazy.”

“If we had the wall, the good people will not be able — you’ll see them on the other side of the wall,” said Trump. “Number one, they won’t come, because they’ll say there’s no way of getting through. Right now they think there’s a way to get through. And the people back home never hear about that, they start to walk. They tell them Houston’s half a mile away, but it’s 300 miles. It’s desert.”

“This is a vast state, it’s a vast area. You look at it, the state’s tremendous,” said Trump, who appeared surprised to learn how big Texas is, compared to his native New York City. “I come from New York. You have Fifth Avenue and that connects you to Park Avenue, its not too far away, but this is hundreds of miles between places.”

Trump said that immigrants who cross into the U.S. from the south are dying of dehydration “all over” the state of Texas because human smugglers drop them in the desert and tell them to walk to Houston or Dallas.

“From the time I made my first speech at Trump Tower, when I mentioned the word ‘rape’ and everybody went crazy because, that turned out to be nothing compared to what happens on those journeys up nothing. My speech was so tame as it turned out,” Trump told reporters.

Trump said one of his donors told him, “Many, many people are dying. They are dying all over our fields.”

“They’re dying on their fields. All over,” the president continued. “They go over, they find bodies lying all over the field, including many pregnant women. Many pregnant women. They give them a little water: ‘Go out and start walking. Walk to Dallas.’ And Dallas is 250 miles away. It’s really bad. ”

The president began to ramble after someone in the room described confronting several strange men dressed in black on his front porch one afternoon.

“They’re very expensive fences, but they don’t want to go through the process of going through the fences, so, again, they wait until the fence is open, the gate is open. They wait at the gate and they kill people,” said Trump. “They want to take the truck, a lot of times they don’t even want to go to the house, they want to steal the truck. So you always go to the gate in doubles.”

“It’s been going on for many years, it’s coming up, I’m bringing it out,” Trump continued. “And these people are coming into our country, some are dying during the walk. Many of those people I’ll bet are very good people, but some are dying during the walk. Many, many have died. That is what surprised me.”

“Okay, you’ve been watching the president down there in Texas,” said host Dana Perino cutting back to the studio, “doing something I think is smart.”

Watch the Fox News cutaway, below:


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