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Fox Business Host Sounds Alarm On GOP Tax Bill: ‘It’s Gonna Hurt The Individuals’

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Fox Business Host Sounds Alarm On GOP Tax Bill: ‘It’s Gonna Hurt The Individuals’

Fox Business’ “Intelligence Report” host Trish Regan blasted the GOP tax bill on Tuesday, saying “it’s gonna hurt the individuals” and that she doesn’t think it is “fair” for corporations to get a “great tax cut” at their expense.

“Effectively, individuals are carrying the water for these corporations,” Regan said. “They get that great tax cut on the corporate side but people are not going to get it on the individual side and I just don’t think that’s fair.”

On her show, Regan played clips of Trump selling his tax plan, including one where he called tax reform a “big, beautiful Christmas present” for the American people.

“I don’t think it’s going to be much of a present,” she said. “It’s a little like getting coal in your stocking because your tax bill’s going to go up.”

The Hill added:

The House and Senate passed versions of the tax plan last month, and are currently negotiating to iron out differences between the two bills. Congressional leaders have said they hope to have a plan on the president’s desk by Christmas, and some have said a bill could come as early as Tuesday.

Critics of the bill have said that it will primarily benefit corporations and extremely wealthy Americans, hurting middle-class and poor Americans.

According to a new poll released Tuesday,  a majority of Americans said they think the bill is likely to hurt them and their families.

Republican lawmakers meeting behind closed doors to combine the Senate and House GOP tax bills are reportedly in talks to lower the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans by nearly 3 percent to 37 percent.


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