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Former GOP Lawmaker Blasts Fox News’ Trump Propaganda: Mueller Is An ‘American Hero’


Former GOP Lawmaker Blasts Fox News’ Trump Propaganda: Mueller Is An ‘American Hero’

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh ripped Fox News in a series of tweets Thursday, calling on the network to stop its smear campaign against special counsel Robert Mueller, who he called an “American hero.”

“And by the way Fox News, Robert Mueller is an American hero,” Walsh tweeted Thursday night. “Marine, Vietnam Veteran, he has dedicated his life to serving this country and keeping Americans and America safe. Quit badmouthing him. Cut it out.”

“When I grew up, the FBI were the good guys, and the Soviet Union were the bad guys,” he continued in a late tweet. “I watch @FoxNews today, and they tell me the FBI are the bad guys, and Russia are the good guys. Such bulls—t.”

Walsh also ripped President Trump for failing to himself call for a special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“‘We can’t have a foreign country messing with our elections,’ Trump said in my dream,” Walsh tweeted. “And then I woke up.”

Fox News hosts have repeatedly attacked Mueller in their coverage this month, including Fox hosts Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs.

On Thursday, former White House communications director to President George W. Bush Nicolle Wallace and ex-campaign manager for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’s 2008 presidential run Steve Schmidt, decried Sean Hannity as a propagandist who is “wrong in the most profound way” and “dangerous” to the public.

“What you’re seeing on Fox News is from the type of propaganda that you would be subjected to if you lived in Belarus or if you lived in Russia. It is dishonest. It is purposeful. It is misleading,” said Schmidt.

He continued, “And what you saw Sean Hannity doing, it’s wrong in the most profound way. It’s very, very wrong.”

“It was pointed out to me, [ex-Rep.] David Jolley [R-FL] that it’s also dangerous,” said Wallace, noting that a former diplomat explained to her that Hannity exposed everyone on Mueller’s team to potential harassment and intimidation by repeatedly showing their names and photos on his show.

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