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The Guardians of Democracy

Former CIA Director Warns Russians May Have Something Incriminating On Trump


Former CIA Director Warns Russians May Have Something Incriminating On Trump

Former CIA Director John Brennan told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday that the Russians could have “something on” President Trump that would explain his behavior toward Vladimir Putin.

“I’m saying that perhaps the Russians have something and that’s why Mr. Trump is concerned,” Brennan said. “Mr. Trump knows better than any one of us whether or not the Russians may have something on him.”

Trump received sharp criticism on Tuesday for congratulating Putin on his election win even after he was advised by his national security advisers — including in briefing papers emblazoned with the words “DO NOT CONGRATULATE,” according to The Washington Post.

The Hill added:

Former President Obama also congratulated Putin on his election victory in 2012. But Brennan during his television appearance argued it’s difficult to “explain” Trump’s actions when it comes to Putin.

“So I think it’s very difficult to try to explain his behavior and why he has taken this position vis-à-vis Vladimir Putin,” Brennan said. “And so one can again, speculate, that maybe there’s something there.”

“I think the president has shown a lack of understanding of international affairs as well as a real ignorance of what it takes to be president of the United States,” Brennan added. “He is mean-spirited, he is dishonest, he has shown a lack of integrity, and he has continued to, I think, demean the office of the presidency.”

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