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Former ‘Apprentice’ Producer: Trump Said ‘Despicable’ Racist Comments About Blacks, Jews On Tape


Former ‘Apprentice’ Producer: Trump Said ‘Despicable’ Racist Comments About Blacks, Jews On Tape

Former Apprentice producer Bill Pruitt claims that President Donald Trump made “unfathomably despicable” racist comments while on the set of the reality show.

Speculation about the existence of offensive Trump outtakes from the Apprentice, which Trump hosted for 14 seasons, first emerged late last year following the leaked Access Hollywood tapes in which Trump brags to host Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women. At the time, Pruitt tweeted that when it came to Trump tapes, “there are far worse” and that it was “just the beginning.”

Pruitt shed some more light on Trump’s time on the show while speaking to NPR’s Embedded podcast this week.

“We recorded constantly, we went into the boardroom to set up discussions about how and who should get fired [on the show] without talking and saying directly who got fired, so there was a big, long exchange, all of which was recorded,” Pruitt explained to NPR.

“Out of those exchanges came some really unfathomably despicable words said by this guy who is a TV star. I heard it, I watched it and those things are somewhere in some warehouse.”

Pruitt tells NPR that Trump also made remarks that were ”very much a racist issue” directed at African-Americans, Jewish groups and other minorities.

“When you heard these things there’s the audible gasp that is quickly followed by a cough and then you just sort of carry on,” he recalled.

Pruitt says that Trump was never confronted by producers about his offensive remarks.

“To be, ‘Hey, TV star, shut your goddam mouth and don’t ever, ever repeat what you just said to anyone ever,’” he said. “Of course you think that, you go back to your hotel room or your apartment and you do some soul-searching.”

Pruitt, who left The Apprentice after the second season and now works on documentaries, lamented that what he says on the show was a false image of Trump that was created for the show later helped him become president.

“We told a story,” he said. “Now all of a sudden we’re here, a cultural icon emerged because we weren’t necessarily truthful about our portrayal.”

Listen to the NPR interview, below.


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