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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Florida Driver Disrupts Trump’s Motorcade To Scream Expletives And Give Trump The Finger


Florida Driver Disrupts Trump’s Motorcade To Scream Expletives And Give Trump The Finger

An angry motorist attempted to cut his van into President Trump’s motorcade in Florida Saturday afternoon and made obscene gestures at the president before he was arrested.

The incident happened as Trump made his way back to his Mar-a-Lago residence after playing a round of golf at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

“At one point a man in a red van attempted to cut into the motorcade,” a White House pool report stated. “Local law enforcement pulled over the vehicle, where the driver made obscene gestures and screamed several expletives.”

Small groups of protesters waited for Trump on the motorcade route holding signs saying “Don the Con Man,” and “I support Pres. Trump bigly.”

President Trump traveled to his Palm Beach golf club on Sunday, marking the fifth consecutive day Trump is spending at one of his own golf properties. Trump has now spent 103 days at a Trump-branded property since his inauguration, according to NBC News.

A woman flipped off President Trump’s motorcade on Oct. 28 as it passed her.

The photo of Juli Briskman raising her middle finger at the president from her bicycle went viral and resulted in her employer firing her from her role in the marketing team at the government contractor Akima LLC.

“My finger said what I was feeling,” Briskman told CNN after she was fired. “I’m angry and frustrated.

“Healthcare doesn’t pass but you try to dismantle it from the inside. Five hundred people get shot in Las Vegas; you’re doing nothing about it. You know, white supremacists have this big march and hurt a bunch of people down in Charlottesville and you call them good people.”


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