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First Republican Congressman Comes Out In Support Of Trump Impeachment Inquiry


First Republican Congressman Comes Out In Support Of Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Nevada GOP Rep. Mark Amodei said on Friday that he supports the House’s inquiry into whether President Donald Trump should be impeached, reports The Nevada Independent.

“Let’s put it through the process and see what happens,” Amodei said on a call with reporters, adding that he believes Congress is justified to look into the matter.

“I’m a big fan of oversight, so let’s let the committees get to work and see where it goes,” he added.

“Using government agencies to, if it’s proven, to put your finger on the scale of an election, I don’t think that’s right,” he continued. “If it turns out that it’s something along those lines, then there’s a problem.”

Amodei said he has read the summary and whistleblower complaint concerning a phone call in July in which Trump repeatedly pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to open an investigation into his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Amodei said that Trump’s comments in the call were regrettable but declined to say whether he believes the president committed an impeachable offense.

“If it was my statement and I had the ability to do it over, I would probably phrase it differently,” he said. “I don’t know that it’s a smoking gun.”

“I think that’s why we have the committee process,” he added. “I won’t attribute what was in the president’s mind. That wasn’t a great way to express concern about it. Part of what the committees will do is try to find some context for that and then based on what a fair reading of the context is, they’ll go forward from there.”

Amodei dismissed Trump’s argument that the issue was raised by political enemies in the government looking for any reason to depose him.

The Nevada Republican noted that the president has a reputation for coming out hard when he feels like he’s being attacked, but said the issue is one of law.

“I don’t care if it was a partisan spy or not,” Amodei said. “The only thing I get a vote on is, if it comes to the House floor… do I think that there is evidence there that is credible, that says he broke a specific law?”

The Nevada Independent reports:

Asked about how the situation may affect the 2020 presidential election, Amodei, who expects to be the Trump campaign’s chairman in Nevada, said it depends on how impeachment affects voter sentiment in places where the margin of victory for Trump was close, such as Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“The president’s challenge in the campaign will be…to get some messaging through on what they’ve accomplished,” Amodei said, …amid an environment of fervent, “no-holds-barred” political “trench warfare between the parties and much of the media and the president.”

Vermont’s Governor Phil Scott became the first Republican chief executive to support an impeachment inquiry against Presiden Trump on Thursday but cautioned that he wants to know more before any further actions are taken.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker also said Thursday that he favored the investigation.


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