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The Guardians of Democracy

Female Biden Supporter Surrounded By Trump Caravan, Assaulted On Video. Police Refused To Help Her


Female Biden Supporter Surrounded By Trump Caravan, Assaulted On Video. Police Refused To Help Her

A female supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden says she was chased down and assaulted by an angry mob of Trump supporters in Bakersfield, California.

TikTok user @glambybaylie shared a nearly 6-minute video account of what appears to show a caravan of SUVs and trucks parading in support of President Donald Trump chasing after her before surrounding her car in a nearby parking lot.

The video shows Trump supporters yelling the N-word at the woman because of the “Black Lives Matter” slogan displayed on her vehicle.

“They’re blocking me in. The ‘Patriots’ followed me,” the woman tells the camera as the Trump supporters can be heard calling her a “bitch!” “This is their true colors, I want everyone to know. This is a hate crime.”

“They’re coming up to my car right now,” she says as a woman can be heard urging her to get out of her car.

“You’re a fucking ni*ger!” a man wearing a pro-Trump tank top can be heard yelling from his car.

As the crowd grew increasingly hostile, a man is seen approaching her vehicle and challenging her to a fight.

“Come get it, come on,” the man tells the woman as he takes off his tactical vest.

A female Trump supporter is also seen getting into a heated exchange with the woman before appearing to assault her as she attempted multiple times to slap the phone out of the Biden supporter’s hand.

“Do something!” the woman yells, encouraging the woman to brawl with her.

“I’ll fu*king slap the phone right out of your fucking hand bitch,” the woman yells as she again attempts to slap the phone away.

When @glambybaylie approaches a group of officers in the parking lot and urges them to keep the caravan from leaving the parking lot because several crimes were committed and caught on tape, the officers appear to laugh off the woman’s pleas and eventually walk away after claiming no crimes were committed.


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