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FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi Trump Fan Threatening To ‘Exterminate’ Hispanics As Part Of Trump’s Race War


FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi Trump Fan Threatening To ‘Exterminate’ Hispanics As Part Of Trump’s Race War

FBI agents arrested a Washington state resident on Friday after authorities found threats he allegedly made on social media to “exterminate” Hispanic people in the Miami area as part of a race war he believed would be launched by President Donald Trump, reported the Miami New Times.

According to court records, Eric Lin, 35, allegedly sent threatening messages through Facebook to a Hispanic woman he knew from frequenting the restaurant she worked at.

Lin’s messages, sent over several months, expressed praise for Adolf Hitler and called for the “extermination of all hispanics as well as other racial and ethnic groups,” court records show.

According to the Miami New Times:

According to a criminal complaint filed Friday, Lin enjoyed referencing the Third Reich in writing: He apparently sent a litany of Hitler-referencing death threats to a Hispanic woman in Miami and got himself arrested last week after he planned to wire a man $10,000 to beat her up, hatched a plot to kidnap her and stuff her in a plastic bin, and repeatedly vowed to kill every Hispanic person in the Magic City.

“The time will come when Miami will burn to the ground — and every Latin Man will be lined up against a Wall and Shot and every Latin Woman Raped or Cut to Pieces,” Lin allegedly wrote August 8.

Lin also allegedly wrote that he was relaying what President Trump is “too nice of man” to say, before unleashing a torrent of racial slurs. “Thank God everyday President Donald John Trump is President and that he will launch at Racial War and Crusade,” Lin wrote, according to court documents.

According to the Times:

Per the FBI agent’s affidavit, an alleged victim — an immigrant from Spain identified only as “C.I.” — contacted the Miami Police Department to alert law enforcement that Lin had been sending her threatening messages from two Facebook accounts since May 30. Miami PD alerted the FBI July 24. Then the feds interviewed C.I., who provided 150 printed pages of insanely racist, violent messages Lin had allegedly sent. She said Lin had at one point frequented the Miami restaurant where she worked.

Among the many terrifying messages Lin sent was an image of Hitler superimposed over a photo of Lin’s face, C.I. said.

“Composite of my face with the Führer and Reichskanzler Deutschland,” he allegedly wrote May 30. The informant also told the FBI that Lin had whipped out the same photo in the restaurant where C.I. worked.

From there, the messages grew far more hateful and violent. Lin repeatedly said he wanted to “kill” and “exterminate” Hispanics, whom he repeatedly referred to as “Spics.” In one case, he called Hispanic people “rabid dogs.” In another, he said he would let C.I. “live so you can slowly watch me destroy your entire race.”

“In 3 short years your entire Race your entire culture will Perish only then after I kill your Spic family I will permit you to die by hanging on Metal Wire [sic],” Lin allegedly wrote June 7. The next day, he told C.I. he planned to “enslave, rape, and use you like a baby-making machine. Once I’m finished with you I might just get rid of you like a piece of trash.” The same day, he allegedly also said he would kill C.I. with a rifle while carrying a neo-Nazi dagger used by the SS.

The messages only continued. He allegedly said he wanted to “exterminate” the “worthless Latin race.” July 9, he sent more Nazi-referencing threats. “By the authority of ADOLF HITLER AND GOD I HEREBY DECLARE SPANISH AND ALL SPANISH-SPEAKING PEOPLE ILLEGAL,” Lin allegedly wrote. “[T]hat’s ALL I NEED AUTHORITY FROM ADOLF HITLER TO ACT. I FOLLOW ONLY ADOLF HITLER AND THEN GOD. THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME.” He again threatened to kill every Hispanic person in Miami and at one point told C.I. he would “drink your blood until you die.”

The messages then trod pro-Trump territory. July 19, Lin allegedly wrote:

I thank god every day Donald John Trump is President and that he will launch a Racial War and Crusade to keep the Niggers, Spics, and Muslims and any dangerous non-White or Ethnically or Culturally foreign group “In Line.” By “in Line” it is meant that they will either be sent to “Concentration Camps” or dealt with Ruthlessly and Vigorously by the United States Military.



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