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Ex-Trump Voter Admits: ‘I Was Really An Idiot To Think He Would Be A Good President’


Ex-Trump Voter Admits: ‘I Was Really An Idiot To Think He Would Be A Good President’

A well-known Trump supporter admitted on Friday that he was “really an idiot” to think that Donald Trump would be a good president.

“When I supported Trump like most Trump supporters we called it fake news,” David Weissman, an Army veteran, tweeted to his more than 80,000 Twitter followers. “I was really an idiot to think he would be a good president.”

Weissman, who describes himself in his Twitter profile as a “former Conservative Republican Trump supporter now Liberal Democrat & Warren supporter. Yes it’s possible,” was replying to criticism of the president George Conway, husband to Kellyanne Conway.

“Trump didn’t realize UNTIL TEN MINUTES BEFOREHAND that a planned airstrike would kill over a hundred people and would therefore be grossly disproportionate to the loss of a UAV?” tweeted Conway, a lawyer. “To say this is amateur hour would defame amateurs.”

Conway was responding to Trump’s Friday morning tweetstorm claiming he had called off military strikes against Iran at the last moment when finding out that 150 Iranians would be killed. In an interview with NBC, Trump later said that he had never given his full approval for the military action.

Weissman replied that Trump “is not mentally fit to be President.”

Conway replied to Weissman: “For my part, I didn’t realize how incompetent—and ill—he was. I couldn’t have dreamed he was this bad. He’s actually worse than many of his critics said he would be.”

Weissman said it had been a “long hard journey” when responding to Twitter users who praised his change of heart.

A mother of a son with autism and neuromuscular disease commented that Trump mocked a man with similar disabilities and that she would never understand how any person could vote for Trump given his attacks.

“I’m truly sorry for justifying his bad behaviors at the time,” Weissman replied.

Newsweek notes:

In a February 2018 blog titled “Why I left team MAGA” in The Times of Israel, Weissman wrote that he began to believe Trump’s “Make America Great Again” team was going overboard in treating all media networks besides Fox News and Breitbart as fake news. Weissman wrote he attacked comedian Sarah Silverman who had different political views, but that she responded with kindness and that she became his “liberal mentor, of sorts,” in understanding the left.

Weissman on Friday acknowledged that Silverman “really is” honest and down to Earth.


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