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Ex-Senior Trump Official Was Offered ‘Monetary Assistance’ Not To Cooperate With Mueller Probe


Ex-Senior Trump Official Was Offered ‘Monetary Assistance’ Not To Cooperate With Mueller Probe

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday said they will not oppose former senior Trump campaign official Rick Gates’ request for a non-prison sentence, citing his “extraordinary assistance” cases that led to convictions of other associates of President Donald Trump.

Prosecutors said they will back his bid as long as the former Republican consultant and lobbyist continues to help them with investigations, according to a filing in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

Prosecutors noted that Gates, who is due to be sentenced Dec. 17, continued to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller and investigators even after receiving “pressure not to cooperate … including assurances of monetary assistance.”

They did not detail who made those “assurances” of monentary help to Gates, who served for several months as chief of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and also served on Trump’s inaugural committee.

“Finally, it is important to note that the public nature of this case has made Gates and Gates’ family the subject of intense media scrutiny,” the filing states. “Gates’ cooperation has been steadfast despite the fact that the government has asked for his assistance in high profile matters, against powerful individuals, in the midst of a particularly turbulent environment.”

“Gates received pressure not to cooperate with the government, including assurances of monetary assistance,” the motion continues. “He should be commended for standing up to provide information and public testimony against individuals such as Manafort, Craig, and Stone, knowing well that they enjoy support from the upper echelons of American politics and society. Based on his substantial assistance, the government recommends a downward departure and does not oppose Gates’ request for a probationary sentence.”

Prosecutors asked that Gates be given probation after pleading guilty to a tax fraud-related conspiracy against the U.S. and for giving false statements to the Justice Department.

Gates’ lawyers, in their own sentencing memorandum filed Monday that Gates’ cooperation “likely represents the most extensive undertaking by any cooperating defendant in the work of” Mueller’s office.

“We submit that Richard Gates has accepted responsibility for his misconduct in every way possible and is deserving of a sentence of probation for a term to be determined by Your Honor,” the lawyers wrote to the judge in the case.

Prosecutors in their filing Tuesday wrote, “Since entering a guilty plea in February 2018, the defendant, Richard W. Gates III, has provided the government with extraordinary assistance,” prosecutors wrote.

“He met with investigators more than fifty times, providing truthful information to the Special Counsel’s Office and several other prosecuting offices of the Department of Justice.”

“Although he is being sentenced now, Gates has committed to continue his cooperation with the government, and has agreed that the Court can make such continuing cooperation a condition of any probationary sentence that he may receive.”


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