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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Ex-CIA Director To Trump: ‘We Have Had Enough Of Your Whining’ And ‘Corruption’


Ex-CIA Director To Trump: ‘We Have Had Enough Of Your Whining’ And ‘Corruption’

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Monday it was his “sincere hope” that enough Republicans would abandon President Trump in 2019 after “the forthcoming exposure of your malfeasance & corruption.”

“It is my sincere hope that the forthcoming exposure of your malfeasance & corruption will convince enough Republicans to abandon you in 2019,” Brennan tweeted. “We have had enough of your whining from the White House. We need an actual leader—our Nation’s future is at stake.”

Brennan quoted a tweet from the president where he defended his abrupt decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and claimed that any other leader would have been widely praised for the move.

“I am the only person in America who could say that, ‘I’m bringing our great troops back home, with victory,’ and get BAD press,” Trump said early Monday morning. “It is Fake News and Pundits who have FAILED for years that are doing the complaining. If I stayed in Endless Wars forever, they would still be unhappy!”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced that he would resign shortly after Trump’s announcement.

Brennan said on Dec. 20 that Trump’s move to withdraw troops was an example of how “Trump’s impulsive and self-satisfying ‘gut'” present a danger to U.S. national security.”


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