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Eric Trump: Ivanka ‘Has Done More For Women Than Probably Anybody In Washington DC’


Eric Trump: Ivanka ‘Has Done More For Women Than Probably Anybody In Washington DC’

President Trump’s son Eric Trump on Tuesday claimed that his sister Ivanka Trump “has done more for women than probably anyone in Washington, D.C.”

While speaking on “Fox & Friends” about Democrats’ criticism of his father’s administration, Eric criticized a new Washington, D.C., art installation where guests are encouraged to throw crumbs at a silent, smiling model dressed to resemble the president’s elder daughter.

“These leftists called up a modeling agency, saying, ‘You know what, I want to get a nice woman to come stand on a carpet, with a vacuum of all things, so that our people can throw food and crumbs to mimic a powerful woman who has done more for women than probably anyone in Washington, D.C.,” Eric said.

“Think about that hypocrisy,” Eric continued. “They label themselves the quote, unquote ‘party of women,’ yet they’re throwing food, they’re throwing garbage at a woman on a carpet holding a vacuum cleaner to mimic someone who really does care and who has fought so hard for women.”

Trump went on to claim that Democrats were “losing people” with their rhetoric aimed at members of his family.

Ivanka Trump has drawn widespread criticism since her appointment to the White House as an adviser in 2017, including last year during the public outcry against the Trump administration’s controversial “zero tolerance” immigration policy that resulted in the separation of thousands of families caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Customs and Border Protection

According to a declaration filed on Friday as part of a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), officials from the Trump administration complained that it would require too much effort to reunite the thousands of families it separated before implementing its “zero-tolerance” policy in April.

In the declaration, Health and Human Services (HHS) officials did not refute a report issued by the HHS inspector general last month which found that “thousands” more immigrant families had been separated than the government had previously disclosed. HHS said they have no idea what the exact number of children who were taken from their parents before “zero tolerance” and claimed that locating them would be too much of a “burden” since there was no formal tracking system in place.

“The Trump administration’s response is a shocking concession that it can’t easily find thousands of children it ripped from parents and doesn’t even think it’s worth the time to locate each of them,” said Lee Gelernt, the lead lawyer in the ACLU’s ongoing lawsuit against ICE, in a statement. “The administration also doesn’t dispute that separations are ongoing in significant numbers.”

Ivanka also came under intense scrutiny late last year when it was revealed that she had sent hundreds of emails related to White House business from a personal email account, in violation of federal records rules.


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