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El Paso ‘On Edge’ After Armed Trump Supporter Detained Outside Migrant Community Center: Report


El Paso ‘On Edge’ After Armed Trump Supporter Detained Outside Migrant Community Center: Report

Days after a gunman killed 22 people and injured dozens more at a Walmart in El Paso, a supporter of President Trump allegedly armed with a gun and knife was detained in front of a migrant community center, reports the Dallas Morning News.

The newspaper reports that the incident is “putting an already grieving city on edge” as “residents in this heavily Hispanic community wary of being targeted.”

Police spokesman Robert Gomez said Thursday that a 21-year-old “suspicious subject” was “detained and interviewed released.”

The suspect, who had driven from Houston to El Paso for Trump’s visit Wednesday, was reportedly armed with a gun and knife and driving a pickup plastered with a Rambo-like image of President Trump carrying a large weapon and had a campaign poster for Texas Senator Ted Cruz on the back window.

He was reportedly parked outside the Casa Carmelita shelter when police detained him. 

Zebulon Green of the Casa Carmelita community center confirmed the incident took place Wednesday just after Air Force One took off following Trump’s visit to this city. 

“He was sitting in his truck wearing blue latex gloves, and brandishing a knife. Police recovered a loaded gun, ammo, and a bag of white powder from his person,” Casa Carmelita wrote in a Facebook post.

Images posted on Twitter showed the suspect with his hands up in the air as police had their weapons drawn:

In a statement on Facebook, Casa Carmelita blasted El Paso for releasing the man without charges.

“Police stated that the gunman has rights, that they cannot search his truck, and that they have no cause to arrest him. An eyewitness saw him brandishing a gun and attempting to enter our building, women were fleeing down the street, warning neighbors as they ran away. We watched officers removing clips of ammo from his person,” the shelter wrote.

“One officer acknowledged that if they had not arrived when they did, Thomas was likely to have committed acts which would be ‘a different situation’. They released him shortly after, on our block. The number one demographic of mass shooters are young white males.”


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