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Dr. Fauci Tells Reporter ‘You’re Not Making Things Up’ After Trump Downplays Mask Shortage Reports


Dr. Fauci Tells Reporter ‘You’re Not Making Things Up’ After Trump Downplays Mask Shortage Reports

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, confirmed that a CNN reporter’s question about reported shortages of medical supplies amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic were not made up minutes after President Donald Trump attempted to downplay shortages by claiming doctors were saying they “can’t believe the great job” he is doing.

“Mr. President, I just want to read you some of what some of the doctors on the front lines of this crisis are saying. Doctor,” CNN’s Jeremy Diamond said before Trump interrupted to ask: “You mean the ones that are saying good things or bad things?”

Diamond continued: “These are doctors who are talking about the shortage of medical supplies that they are facing. Dr. Fasebucks in Kentucky says, ‘There’s absolutely no way to protect myself.’ A surgeon in Fresno, California says, “We are at war with no ammo.” Dr. Mel In Illinois says, “If this is a wartime situation, then now is the time to act,” Diamond said. “I know you’re talking now about increasing production at so many of these facilities to get the masks out, but given that this is one of the wealthiest, most powerful countries in the world, should this even be happening? Shouldn’t this have been resolved weeks ago?”

Trump responded:

Well, I’ll tell you the way I look at it. So many administrations preceded me. For the most part, they did very little in terms of what you’re talking about. This is unprecedented. You can speak to Tony [Fauci]. You could speak to anybody. This is unprecedented or just about unprecedented. As time goes by, we’re seeing it’s really at a level that nobody would’ve believed. Nobody would’ve thought possible, that this could happen. And we are making much of this stuff, now. And much of it’s being delivered now. We’ve also gotten tremendous reviews from a lot of people that can’t believe how fast it’s coming.

When I hear they have an order of 55 million masks and that’s just one order, that’s one order out of many, and that there are many millions of masks beyond that that are… And I keep saying, “How is it possible to use so much?” But that’s the way it is. And part of that is because they’ll use a mask for a short period of time and they throw it.

The fact is that we are doing a tremendous amount. We started with very few masks, we had some but nothing for an event like this and now we’re making tens of millions of masks and other things. And I think it’s unprecedented what we’ve done and what we’re doing and many doctors that I’ve read… Many, many doctors, they can’t believe the great job that we’ve done.

When Dr. Fauci took to the podium to address Diamond’s shortage question, he confirmed that Diamond was “not making things up. I know that.”

“Just to reiterate what Fred said, we don’t take lightly what you just read, you know? I mean, I get the calls every night, the way you get emails,” Fauci confirmed. “It’s a serious issue. We don’t want that to happen. But it is happening. You’re not making things up, I know that because I’m experiencing it myself.”


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