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Dozens Of Men Accuse Married GOP ‘Family Values’ Ex-Lawmaker Of Sexual Misconduct


Dozens Of Men Accuse Married GOP ‘Family Values’ Ex-Lawmaker Of Sexual Misconduct

More than 30 individuals are accusing former state Rep. Wesley Goodman (R-Ohio), an anti-LGBT lawmaker who resigned after being confronted with evidence of “inappropriate behavior” with another man in his office, of sexual misconduct, the Independent Journal Review reported Monday.

The disgraced ex-Ohio state lawmaker reached out to them on social media apps to solicit sex, flirt with men and send pictures of his genitals, according to screenshots of messages Goodman sent to the individuals, with many being between the ages of 18 and 24.

In many instances of his alleged sexual misconduct, the lawmaker apparently offered to be a “mentor” for those looking to get into politics.

“Because of the power he had, his victims say they were afraid to report instances of abuse for fear of damaging their own political careers,” according to the Independent Journal Review.

The website also shared dozens of screenshots from Facebook and Snapchat of sexually explicit remarks that were allegedly made by Goodman.

In a statement, Goodman said he “sincerely regrets” his actions.

One former co-worker said Goodman “abused his power.”

The lawmaker has also been accused of fondling a supporter’s teenage son without consent during a conference in Washington, D.C., two years ago, reports to The Washington Post.

Goodman, who campaigned on “family values,” has been vocally anti-LGBT.



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