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DNC Chair: An ‘Accused Child Molester’ And A ‘Convicted Criminal’ Is The Best GOP Has To Offer


DNC Chair: An ‘Accused Child Molester’ And A ‘Convicted Criminal’ Is The Best GOP Has To Offer

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez on Tuesday blasted Republicans for not being able to find better candidates for office than “an accused child molester” and “a racist former sheriff and convicted criminal,” calling it “a sad and disturbing sign of moral decay” in today’s GOP.

“It’s a sad and disturbing sign of moral decay in the modern Republican Party that a racist former sheriff and convicted criminal in Arizona and an accused child molester in Alabama are the best they have to offer,” Perez said in the statement, referring to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R) and former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R).

“Joe Arpaio is one of our nation’s most notorious agents of racism and bigotry. He has spent his career tearing apart immigrant families and devastating Latino communities, and he has no place in the U.S. Senate,” he added.

The Hill added:

Moore, a former Alabama judge, was defeated in December by now-Sen. Doug Jones (D) in the state’s special election. Moore’s campaign was dogged by allegations that Moore engaged in sexual misconduct with teenage girls when he was a district attorney. Moore has denied the allegations.

Arpaio announced his candidacy earlier Tuesday, saying in a tweet that his main reason for running was to support President Trump’s agenda in the Senate. Arpaio will run for the seat to be vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who last year announced that he would not seek reelection.

“I am running for the U.S. Senate from the Great State of Arizona, for one unwavering reason: to support the agenda and policies of President Donald Trump in his mission to Make America Great Again,” Arpaio tweeted Tuesday.

Arizona has not elected a Democratic senator since 1988.



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