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Deranged Trump Supporter Coughs Into Pro-Biden Supporters’ Faces, Yells: ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’


Deranged Trump Supporter Coughs Into Pro-Biden Supporters’ Faces, Yells: ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’

A potentially Covid-infected Trump supporter was caught on video coughing directly into the faces of several pro-Biden and Black Lives Matter supporters near a gas station in Kanab, Utah this week.

The man, who appeared to be driving a white pickup truck with a large Trump flag, can be heard in the short clip taunting Black Lives Matter supporters with homophobic slurs before violently coughing on them.

“You Democrats, Black lives don’t matter. All lives matter. You look like a little pansy-ass piece of shit. So do you. So do you,” he yelled.

Then the man can be seen deliberately coughing directly into the face of a middle-aged woman.

He continues deliberately coughing on the group of demonstrators.

“Oh, I’m so scared of your f*cking virus,” the man yelled as he continued to cough in their direction.

Twitter users have identified the suspect as Robert Brissette.

In a GoFundMe campaign, Brissette claims to be the victim: “On Saturday 10/10/20 I was attacked by BLM protesters in Kanab Utah. I now have legal issues do to this. .. What happened I was pumping gas had my Trump flag on my truck. Some other random guy Rolled Coal from his truck on some BLM/Biden people that were on the corner. Every one around me was laughing. Two of the protesters threw rocks at me. I went to confront them and was totally verbally attacked. So without touching anyone I called out the BLM at this point someone started recording it. During my rant two women hit me. And now I’m being charged with starting it. I need help to clear my name against these race baiting protesters.”

Brissette added: “The BLM member has made a video go viral. And it only show me calling them out. It does not show 1st 5 mins were I was being assaulted with rocks and verbal attacks. Also there is a video show me go after a guy but it starts after he messed with my truck while I was in the gas station. I’m getting charged with 5 different crimes and my reputation trashed. help me to combat these people.”


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