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Democrat Challenger Beats Republican By A Single Vote In Kentucky State House Race


Democrat Challenger Beats Republican By A Single Vote In Kentucky State House Race

Democratic challenger Jim Glenn beat GOP state Rep. D.J. Johnson by a single vote in their Kentucky state House race.

The razor-thin margin was confirmed after a re-canvass of the vote tally completed late this week, reports Tristate Homepage.

“I’ve had 25 people tell me they are the one person that voted for me,” Glenn told The Associated Press. “Whether it was one vote or one thousand, it’s a win. A win’s a win no matter how you count it.”

“I was happy that the public got a chance to see that every vote counts, which is what we saw in the basic election,” Glenn said.

The Kentucky State Board of Elections is scheduled to certify the results next week.

However, Johnson has indicated that he may ask for a recount.
“It went as expected. I didn’t expect any changes. At this point, we’re still in the process, step one. I’m meeting with the team, talking with them to consider a recount,” Johnson told a local news affiliate, Tristate.

According to Kentucky law, the state’s House of Representatives would be required to oversee a recount process by appointing a commission of about five to nine members and anyone seeking a full recount has to cover the costs.

The Inquisitr adds:

Though everyone who cast a ballot for Glenn could be considered the one who topped the race in his favor, CBS News focused on 76-year-old Mary Beverly Goetz, who requested an absentee ballot because she was worried that her health problems would prevent her from getting to the voting booth on Election Day. Goetz sent in her ballot a few weeks before the election, voting for Glenn in the western Kentucky state House district.

She was happy that her vote helped to keep Glenn in the seat he has held for 12 years.

“It made me feel good,” Goetz said. “It made you feel like your vote really counted.”


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