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Crowd Erupts In Boos After Trump Falsely Claims Obama Left Military With ‘No Ammunition’


Crowd Erupts In Boos After Trump Falsely Claims Obama Left Military With ‘No Ammunition’

President Donald Trump on Monday claimed at a campaign rally in Rio Rancho, N.M., that former President Barack Obama left the military, which had a budget of over $500 billion in 2016, with “no ammunition.”

“I told this story for the first time today. A general came into my office in my first few weeks – you remember it was a little dangerous out there,” he told the crowd.

“President Obama left us with a few beauties, right?” Trump said as the crowd erupted in loud boos for the former president.

Trump continued: “And I said to this general, ‘You better be prepared because this is looking like it could really be conflict.’ And he looked at me and he goes, ‘Sir, we have very little ammunition.’ I said, ‘Say it again.’ ”

“And I want to tell you the words very little, he didn’t use because it was less than that. And I said I never want to see a president in a position like that where we may have conflict and a general looks at him and said we have very little, slash, no ammunition. I never want a president of the United States to be in that position,” he added.

Hours earlier, Trump told reporters a story about how one of his advisers discouraged military action against an unnamed country due to low “ammunition” he inherited from the Obama administration.

“I’m not blaming anybody,” the president explained. “But that is what he told me. Because we were in a position where with a certain country, I won’t say which one, we may have had conflict. And he said to me, sir, if you could delay it because we’re very low on ammunition. And I said, you know what, general, I never want to hear that again from another general.”

“No president should ever, ever hear that statement, we’re low on ammunition. And we now have more ammunition, more missiles, more rockets, more tanks. We have more of in everything than we’ve had before,” he added, before pausing to praise the F-16 fighter jet.

Trump concluded: “So we are very high on ammunition now. That is a story I’ve never told before. Breaking news. But we were very low. I could even say it stronger. I don’t want to say no ammunition but that gets a lot closer.”


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