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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Conservative Columnist Rips The GOP: It Has Become ‘The Party Old White Men’


Conservative Columnist Rips The GOP: It Has Become ‘The Party Old White Men’

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin ripped the Republican Party, warning that it has become “the party of old white men.”

The GOP “has become the caricature the left always said it was — the party of old white men,” Rubin said during Politico’s “Off Message” podcast.

“And that has become more so in the age of Donald Trump, when he is actively courting and stoking white resentment.”

Rubin also warned that the way Trump uses white identity politics is “a dead end for the party.”

“It’s a dead end because it’s immoral and anti-American to base an entire political movement on one racial group, and it’s a dead end because that’s not America and [what America] is becoming,” she said.

She said Republicans have “permanently eliminated themselves from credibility to govern.”

“You can’t be willing to sacrifice core American values for the sake of a tax cut and be deemed to be worthy of trust going forward,” she said.

The Hill added:

Rubin has often been a harsh critic of Trump, in the past referring to the president as an “arrogant fool” and a “flat-out racist.”

In May 2016, she published a piece addressed to the Republican Party titled “Dear GOP: I’m just not that into you.”

During her interview with Politico, Rubin said Trump is “threatening thermonuclear war.”

“I have often observed that if you had the Trump administration without Trump, they would be doing a lot of sane things,” she said.



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