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The Guardians of Democracy

Conservative Columnist: ‘I Opposed Obama. Now I Would Take Him Back In A Nanosecond’


Conservative Columnist: ‘I Opposed Obama. Now I Would Take Him Back In A Nanosecond’

Conservative columnist Max Boot, a foreign policy advisor in both of the 2008 and 2012 Republican presidential campaigns, wrote that he gained a “new perspective” on the Obama administration and that he would take former President Obama back in a “nanosecond,” calling his presidency a “lost golden age when reason and morality reigned.”

“I was moved nearly to tears by his eloquent defense of a liberal world order that President Trump appears bent on destroying,” Book wrote, referring to Obama’s Tuesday speech in South Africa on the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

Obama appeared to criticize Trump in the speech, saying “those in power seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning.”

“Obama has a far better claim than Trump to being a ‘very stable genius,’ but he didn’t call himself one,” Boot wrote. “The sentences were complete and sonorous — and probably written by the speaker himself.”

“Imagine Trump writing anything longer than a tweet — and even those are full of mistakes,” he added.

Boot also noted that Obama’s White House was not full of the scandals seen in the current administration.

“Can you believe that an Obama-era scandal was that the president wore a tan suit or put his feet up on the desk?” Boot asked, referring to a September 2013 headline from The Washington Times that read “Obama’s foot on Oval Office desk sends shockwaves around the world.”

“Oh, to have those days back again — before we had a president who was involved in indecent relationships with a Russian despot and (allegedly) a porn star,” Boot wrote, while adding that the current state of affairs can be “depressing.”

“He reminds me that just 18 months ago — can you believe it was so recently? — we had a president with whom I could disagree without ever doubting his fitness to lead. We can have one again,” he added.

The Hill added:

He said he wants Democrats to retake control of both chambers of Congress during November’s midterm elections.

The GOP is now a “white-nationalist party with a conservative fringe,” Boot wrote in another column for The Post earlier this month.

“If you’re part of that fringe, what should you do?” he asked.



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