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The Guardians of Democracy

Congresswoman Warns Trump Is On The Brink Of War With Iran To Distract From Impeachment


Congresswoman Warns Trump Is On The Brink Of War With Iran To Distract From Impeachment

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) warned on Wednesday that President Trump could launch a war with Iran to deter Democrats from impeaching him.

“I believe that the president of the United States is on the cusp of taking us to war without the consent of Congress because he fears impeachment. And we all know that if we are at war, the American people would not agree that you should be impeaching a president,” Wilson said in an interview in her Capitol Hill office.

“I believe he sees the fence, the walls closing in, that we’re circling the wagons, and the circle is getting smaller and smaller. And he thinks we’re going to impeach him,” Wilson added. “If he sees the impeachment movement getting too close and too popular, and the American people beginning to side with the Democrats in the House of Representatives, then he will take us to war.”

Wilson’s remarks come days after the U.S. deployed military ships and other resources to the Persian Gulf to deter potential threats against U.S. personnel from Iran.

“I think he’s squeezing Iran with sanctions, and he’s sending warships to intimidate them to sort of aggravate them and to cause them to react to he’s like a bully. He’s bullying them to the point that he wants to go to war,” Wilson said, envisioning what a war would look like with Iran. “So just think about it: Now we’re at war with Iran. Everybody is afraid of Iran. We have Israel over there who is at risk of this war with Iran. The whole Middle East is in turmoil. And we are impeaching a president?”

“That’s Trump’s safety net,” she said.

“I think that they have every right to say that because that is what the evidence is showing us. I just think that we need to be very careful not because of impeachment itself but because we have an unstable president who would do anything, including taking us to war,” the five-term lawmaker said in the interview.

“I’m nervous. … What I just told you has me shaking in my boots, and I’m just wondering, am I the only person who feels this way?” she said.

Trump previously hypothesized that former President Barack Obama would “attack Iran” to get re-elected as president in 2012.

“Barack Obama will attack Iran in the not too distant future because it will help him win the election,” Trump tweeted on November 14, 2011.

A few days later, Trump tweeted: “In order to get elected, @BarackObama will start a war with Iran.”


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