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The Guardians of Democracy

CNN Abruptly Cuts Away From Trump’s Angry Tirade Attacking Roger Stone Juror And Judge


CNN Abruptly Cuts Away From Trump’s Angry Tirade Attacking Roger Stone Juror And Judge

CNN host Brooke Baldwin on Thursday was forced to abruptly cut off President Donald Trump’s angry tirade attacking the judge and jurors involved in his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone’s trial and sentencing.

During a speech before former prisoners at a criminal justice event in Las Vegas, Trump took direct aim at the jury forewoman in the Stone trial shortly after Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the D.C. District Court sentenced stone to three years and four months in prison.

“The forewoman of the jury, the woman who was in charge of the jury, is totally tainted when you take a look,” Trump said before labeling her as an “anti-Trump activist” and a “dominant person,” claiming, “she can get people to do whatever she wants.”

“How can you have a jury poll tainted so badly?” Trump asked. He later added, “But it happened to a lot of people and destroyed a lot of people’s lives.”

Trump ended his rant on the jury forewoman by promising viewers, “We are cleaning it out. We are cleaning the swamp, we are draining the swamp.”

“I want the process to play out. I think that is the best thing to do,” Trump added. “Because I would love to see Roger exonerated. I would love to see it happen because I personally think that he was treated very unfairly.”

“Okay, we’re going to pull away from this,” Baldwin said before providing viewers with a fact-check of the president’s statements with CNN legal analyst Elie Honig.

“Item number one, this is the president of the United States who continues to go after justice, you know, attacking jurors, attacking judges,” Baldwin said. “Elie Honig, just jump right in because there’s a lot to go through as often when the president speaks we need to fact check. Where do you want to begin?”

Honig replied, “These attacks on the foreperson of the jury are ridiculous. First of all, the foreperson of the jury… she said, ‘I ran for Congress, I’m a Democrat.’ Jurors are not expected to be robots, they’re human beings, and when this happens — it happens all the time — judges say, ‘Okay, given that, can you still judge the facts here impartially and fairly?’ She said yes.”

“Roger Stone’s lawyers could have thrown her off. You get what’s called jury strikes. They did not. They said, ‘Fine, judge. She looks fine,’” Honig continued, adding, “Bigger picture, to attack a juror… Okay, he’s already attacked prosecutors, judges, that’s way over the line. Jurors are civilians. They’re you, me, Jay.”

“You get your jury summons in the mail, you do your civic duty, you miss work, you have to find someone to watch your kids, and to attack jurors? I mean he’s one step away from knocking on people’s doors and saying, ‘Do you like me or not? And if not, I’m going to attack you,’” Honig proclaimed. “I mean, we’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Jurors should be way beyond the president’s line of attack.”

Baldwin asked, “How about what he said about Roger Stone ‘wasn’t involved in my presidential campaign, did some consulting’?”

“Did do a little consulting? I mean that’s not involved,” Honig replied. “And by the way, this is what he was convicted for. A jury convicted Roger Stone for lying to Congress because what he did was try to coordinate between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks. That’s what a jury convicted him for and he was sentenced for today.”


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