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The Guardians of Democracy

Brooklyn Court Officer Suspended Over Post Depicting Obama, Clinton ‘Lynching’


Brooklyn Court Officer Suspended Over Post Depicting Obama, Clinton ‘Lynching’

A Brooklyn court officer was suspended and is currently under investigation for allegedly posting doctored images on her Facebook page over the weekend that depicted former President Barack Obama and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton being lynched, according to the New York Post.

Sgt. Terri Pinto Napolitano’s gun was taken away and she was referred to the state court system’s inspector general for an investigation over the shocking post.

Napolitano’s Facebook status read, “#Obamagate #Treason The True American Dream,” and showed doctored images of Obama hanging from a rope, as well as another photo showing Clinton being led up to gallows by seven people.

Beneath Obama were the captions, “We Will Not Yield” and “Your day is coming TRAITOR!,” and beneath the doctored photo of Clinton was the caption “IT’S NOT OVER TIL THE FAT LADY SWINGS.”

The post, which has since been deleted, drew a sharp rebuke Saturday from New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore.

“This conduct is abhorrent, by anyone, at any time, and under any circumstances,” DiFiore wrote to court system personnel. “But at this critical moment in our history — when our nation is reeling from the death of George Floyd and its aftermath — it is a sickening and unpardonable offense against every colleague in our court system, as well as the vast and diverse public we serve.”

“We assure you that we have already begun the process and will take every step within our power so that this conduct is condemned and punished appropriately.”

A spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration told the New York Post on Sunday that “Sgt. Napolitano has been suspended for 30 days” and “had her gun taken” pending the inspector general’s review.

“She’s a disgrace,” said one court officer who worked with Napolitano in the past. “Absolutely. You’re going to boroughs where minorities are trying to move ahead and you disgrace the shield. She should be fired.”


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