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Breitbart Ridiculed Michelle’s $2,300 Dress In 2015; Now They Are Praising Melania’s $51,000 Outfit

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Breitbart Ridiculed Michelle’s $2,300 Dress In 2015; Now They Are Praising Melania’s $51,000 Outfit

The “alt-right” website, whose CEO Steve Bannon became Trump’s senior White House adviser, has been struggling to stay relevant in the post-election chaos created by the Trump administration’s trail of broken promises.

Vanity Fair‘s Tina Nguyen reveals that the right-wing news hub has seen its once-plentiful traffic numbers take a steep dive, from the 29th most trafficked site in the United States in February, to 281st place this month.

Vanity Fair writes:

“So every time you open the newspaper or open Twitter or turn on Facebook, you get to enjoy the fact that there are a lot of other people who don’t like Trump and there’s a lot of news stories that show Trump in a negative light. Whereas if you’re Breitbart, you’re scrambling to explain or defend or continue to back the guy that you backed throughout the election. And eventually, if your posture continues to just simply be reactive and trying to explain away things that are happening to or by the president, I think people slowly become sort of disheartened by politics.”

Twitter user Mikel Jollett highlighted a recent example of Breitbart’s blatant racism when reporting on the Obama White House.

Jollett points to a September 2015 article by Breitbart’s John Nolte titled “Michelle Obama Wears $2300 Dress To Greet Pope.”

In it, Nolte writes, “Politico reports that First Lady Michelle Obama, looking lovely and classy, greeted Pope Francis Tuesday while wearing a $2,290 dress. While the Obamas are not Catholics, this is still a finger-in-the-eye to a White House guest who frequently speaks out — to wild Democrat applause — about the evils of excessive capitalism.”

Nolte adds: “According to WorldVision, you can feed a child for just $35 a month. Michelle Obama’s dress would feed over 80 children for that month. This choice obviously is contrary to the values of Pope Francis. But the Obamas’ religious values come from elsewhere, a divisive and disturbing place, not a charitable or unifying one.”

On Thursday, Brietbart’s John Binder praised First Lady Melania Trump as “the breakout star of President Donald Trump’s first trip abroad, stunning fashion industry observers by wearing only the highest quality in high fashion.”

He adds, “From visits to Saudi Arabia to Israel to Brussels, the former model First Lady set her sights on an extensive wardrobe made only for the most discerning of fashion tastes. In Reem Acra, to Ralph Lauren, to her love for custom-made Dolce & Gabbana, Melania Trump took the world by storm with her style, channeling an elegance and grace that perhaps hasn’t been seen since former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.”

Notably absent from the article are any price tags for the various outfits they featured.

Business Insider did feature a $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana jacket Melania wore to a meeting with the spouses of world leaders at the annual G-7 summit in Catania, Italy, this week.

The coat, which is no longer available to preorder online, requires a $25,750 deposit.

Making $51,500 annually would put you in the 65th percentile of individual-earning Americans, according to 2016 US Census Bureau data analyzed by the personal-finance site DQYDJ. The median household income in the US is $53,889.

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Breitbart highlighted the $51,000 dress on Friday, calling it a “luxurious and over-the-top Dolce & Gabbana floral coat, covered in an array of flowers, along with a matching floral clutch, Melania stole the show from the other spouses of foreign leaders during the NATO event.”

Using Breitbart’s 2015 critique of Michelle Obama’s dress, Melania’s $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana jacket could have fed  1,471 children this month.

Oh, the outrage!


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