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Black Woman Credits Two Bystanders For Saving Her Life During Racist Road Rage Attack In Florida


Black Woman Credits Two Bystanders For Saving Her Life During Racist Road Rage Attack In Florida

A South Florida driver says she’s lucky to be alive after an angry driver chased her and yelled racial slurs at her in a terrifying road rage incident this week.

Kimberly Starr, a Black woman, says she was driving home from work on Thursday, June 25, when a white man began honking and yelling the n-word at her from his truck.

“Today, while leaving work, this man seen in the video was behind my car honking, cursing and calling me bitches and n–ger,” Starr wrote. “When I saw him pull around beside my car, I stayed calm but I pulled out my phone and I began recording him for my safety. Once he pulled around beside my car, he comes out of his car yelling. This man is filled with sooo much HATE. I’ve never seen this much hate in a person.”

“My skin color literally made this man hate me. He jumps out of his truck and starts threatening me. He called me a n–ger repeatedly and came up to my car aggressively,” Starr wrote. “I was worried for my life. I did not know what he was going to do but I thank god he then drives off. After making a u-turn the second video shows him chasing me behind my car and pulls his truck next to mine again. So I slow down to catch his plate because at this point I realize this man wants to kill me.”

“Once I started to slow down to get his plate, he began to also slow his truck next to me while yelling,” she explained. “I quickly jump out got his plate on video. This man did not care. He said it, he is not afraid of the police and mocked me. Thank god two black men who were on the other side of his truck saw what was going on and jumped out of their car to protect me, barring him from coming around to my car. He threw his hands up as if to surrender once he saw the two black men. They saved my life.”

Twitter users have apparently identified the man and have bombarded his business’s Yelp page with negative reviews.

Watch video of the confrontation, below:


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