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‘Bitch, You Should Get Raped’: Pro-Police Demonstrators Hurl Racist Slurs, Attack BLM Protesters In Brooklyn


‘Bitch, You Should Get Raped’: Pro-Police Demonstrators Hurl Racist Slurs, Attack BLM Protesters In Brooklyn

A pro-NYPD rally in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn quickly devolved into physical attacks and racist, sexist language insults hurled at a group of counter-protesters on Saturday morning, reports Gothamist.

Roughly two dozen protesters against police brutality and systemic racism showed up at Bay Ridge Parkway and 13th Avenue to counter a demonstration of hundreds of protesters supporting the NYPD.

One counter-protester said he was sent to the hospital after he was hit in the groin during an altercation.

“No interference with their pro-cop rally had occurred. We were all consolidated on one corner for the most part,” Noah Weston, a Bay Ridge resident who went to the hospital after he was beaten in the groin, told Gothamist. “No chanting had started … They just immediately started screaming at us.”

Video from the protest shows some pro-police marchers yelling that they hoped female protesters would be raped, calling them a c***, and making explicit sexist and racist statements.

“You’re a stupid fucking bitch,” a pro-NYPD demonstrator can be heard yelling at a woman counter-protesting. “You should get raped by a big black cock. You deserve that. Those black lives don’t matter. They’re garbage.”

“There wasn’t a clash. There was a massive act of aggression of them against us before we even started demonstrating, before we even started protesting,” said Weston.

After he was hit in the groin, Weston says he “doubled over in pain because, that hurt, and basically one of our medics came up to me and said to me that I looked pale as hell, and I couldn’t see straight.”

“It really looked like a Trump rally,” Weston added. “I have to question what this is about on their end, at the end of the day. Is it about police who they think protect everybody or is it about the MAGA movement and white supremacy?”

Gothamist reports that a Blue Lives Matter protester shoved Freedom News TV reporter Oliya, who goes by Oliya Scootercaster, into a tree.

“After she was shoved, a neighbor began filming from above and another person from the same group grabbed her camera gear and attacked her with it, according to video and the camerawoman,” reports the news outlet. “The journalist says her camera gear was destroyed and that an officer refused to help her file a police report until he had evidence of the assault on the video a neighbor captured.”


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