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Biden Consoles Meghan McCain Over Father’s Brain Cancer Diagnosis In Powerful TV Moment


Biden Consoles Meghan McCain Over Father’s Brain Cancer Diagnosis In Powerful TV Moment

Former Vice President Joe Biden comforted the daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on “The View” Wednesday morning while discussing how cancer has affected their loved ones.

Meghan McCain’s father was diagnosed earlier this year with glioblastoma, a notoriously aggressive form of brain cancer with a dramatically low survival rate, that killed Biden’s son, Beau, in 2015.

Biden appeared on “The View” to promote his new memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” which focuses on his son Beau, who served as Delaware’s attorney general.

“I couldn’t get through your book, I tried,” McCain said, with tears rolling down her face. “I think about Beau almost every day, and I was told that this doesn’t get easier, but you cultivate the tools to work with this. I know you and your family have been through a tragedy that I haven’t conceived of.”

Biden moved closer to McCain, switching seats to be next to her, and held her hand as she wept.

“Look, look, look… one of the things that gave Beau courage—my word—was John,” Biden said. “You may remember when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my Beau. Your dad took care of my Beau… became friends with Beau. And Beau talked about your dad’s courage—not about illness—but about his courage.”

Biden, who has devoted time since leaving office to finding a cure for cancer, offered some hope to McCain and anyone who faces this particular diagnosis.

“There’s a lot of hope there,” Biden said. “And if anybody can make it, [it’s] your dad.”

“There’s a lot of things happening… there’s breakthroughs that are occurring now… It could happen tomorrow,” he said.


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