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‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Writer On Russia Probe: ‘This Is Going To Get Much, Much Worse’ For Trump


‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Writer On Russia Probe: ‘This Is Going To Get Much, Much Worse’ For Trump

In an interview with The Nation, the co-writer of President Trump’s bestselling 1987 book “The Art of the Deal,” Tony Schwartz, is predicting that the federal probe into alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign is going to get “much, much worse” for Trump, while adding that President Trump’s political views have moved to “a darker place.”

“I think that now [Trump] has moved to a darker place. He was non-ideological when I knew him. He contributed to candidates from both parties; he was basically a social liberal, and otherwise had no politics,” Schwartz told The Nation. “Today, I believe, he has adopted a pretty hard-right set of beliefs.”

“I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that he believes what he says now, and that’s because his base, the people who still love and adore him, are on the far right — and that’s what compels him the most,” he continued. “I think he’s drifted into that more for emotional and psychological reasons than for political and ideological reasons.”

The Hill added:

Trump, who has touted his unpredictability and dealmaking abilities on policies, has shifted positions on several key issues throughout his presidency and 2016 campaign.

Schwartz also discussed the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into whether Trump campaign staff colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential race, saying Trump is now in survival mode.

Asked by The Nation’s Jon Wiener if Trump will be “more cautious” as the investigation goes on, Schwartz said no.

“No. Not a chance in hell. It isn’t within his control. He operates most of the time from a survival perspective — particularly when he’s feeling under threat. And he is certainly feeling under threat right now,” he said. “This is going to get much, much worse for him.”



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