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The Guardians of Democracy

Arizona GOP Chair Urges Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Trick Media By Dressing As Nurses


Arizona GOP Chair Urges Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Trick Media By Dressing As Nurses

Kelli Ward, the head of the Republican Party in Arizona, urged those planning to protest stay-at-home orders aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19 to dress in scrubs and masks in an attempt to trick the news media into thinking they were health care workers and alter their coverage.

Ward also seemed to suggest that some health workers engaging in counterprotests across the country were not really health workers.

“Planning protest to #ReOpenAmerica? EVERYONE wear scrubs & masks – the media doesn’t care if you are really in healthcare or not – it’s the ‘message” that matters!'” Ward tweeted on Friday.

The tweet came days after Ward cast doubt on reports about health care workers who had blocked protesters demonstrating against stay-at-home orders in Denver earlier this month.

“Even if these ‘spontaneously’ appearing ppl at protests against govt overreach (sporting the same outfits, postures, & facial expressions) ARE involved in healthcare – when they appeared at rallies, they were actors playing parts,” Ward alleged in the tweet which included a widely circulated photo that showed a man, who has been identified by several outlets as a health care worker, in scrubs counter-protesting the anti-lockdown demonstration along with other workers.

Matt Grodsky, spokesman for the Arizona Democratic Party, criticized Ward’s comments in a statement, saying, “If anyone’s status as a health care professional should be questioned it’s Dr. Kelli Ward’s, considering her unwillingness to promote the advice of health experts.”

“Irresponsible, shameful tweets like this do nothing to help people afflicted with the virus or the health care heroes who are working to save lives,” he continued.


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