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‘Are You A Doctor?!’ Conway Snaps At Reporter After Claiming Coronavirus Is ‘Being Contained’


‘Are You A Doctor?!’ Conway Snaps At Reporter After Claiming Coronavirus Is ‘Being Contained’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway snapped at CBS News’ Paula Reid on Friday after Reid pointed out that the Trump administration had not yet stopped the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, despite multiple claims by the administration about the virus being “contained.”

“You talked about how the administration initially had this contained, but during that time, why didn’t the administration send out more tests and work to get hospitals prepared?” the reporter asked. “Even today, the state of Florida is saying they can’t test everyone, per the administration’s guidelines, because they don’t have enough tests!”

“So you’re asking a couple of different things there,” Conway responded. “I’ll try to just give some facts The HHS secretary said this morning that we’re ramping up. We’re ramping up with the commercial labs,” she added, referring to the administration’s effort to increase the production of testing kits.

“But why now, why didn’t they do it while it was contained? Get ahead of it.” Reid asked.

Conway went on to claim that the virus is being contained.

“It is being contained,” Conway replied, then turning the question back on Reid. “Do you not think it’s being contained?”

“I’m not a doctor,” the reporter answered.

“You said it’s not being contained, so are you a doctor or a lawyer when you’re saying it’s not being contained?” Conway questioned. “You just said something that’s not true.”

“The virus is spreading throughout the country,” Reid shot back.

After a man later asked, “There are more than 300 million people in the country though, shouldn’t we test more than a million?” Conway replied, “Well you’re not a doctor either, that’s very clear.”

The COVID-19 coronavirus has killed more than 3,400 and affected more than 100,000 worldwide. The death toll in the U.S. rose to 14 on Friday, with more than 225 cases confirmed across the country.


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