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Albuquerque Mayor Resends Trump Campaign ‘Overdue’ Bill For $211,000 To ‘Pay Our Taxpayers Back’


Albuquerque Mayor Resends Trump Campaign ‘Overdue’ Bill For $211,000 To ‘Pay Our Taxpayers Back’

The Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico says his city has made a second attempt to collect on an “overdue” bill from the campaign of President Donald Trump, Newsweek reports.

The $211,175.94 bill was resent to Donald Trump For President, Inc. this week after originally being sent in late October.

A spokesperson for Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller told The Hill on Monday that Trump’s unpaid bill is “being treated like every other bill owed to the city” and the invoice is being sent again because it is now “overdue.”

Trump visited Albuquerque on September 16 and stayed overnight in Albuquerque for a campaign rally in nearby Rio Rancho.

During the visit, Albuquerque police provided security and city employees were required to vacate certain buildings.

Costs reportedly included nearly $133,000 for paid time off for city employees who had to leave their jobs early, $71,242 for police services and $7,000 for barricades.

“Our resources for law enforcement are critical and limited,” Keller said last month.

“The President’s campaign stop in the Albuquerque area cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, including over 1,500 hours of police overtime that was required by the campaign,” said Keller. “We are asking the Trump campaign to pay our taxpayers back for the costs from his campaign stop.”

Michael Glassner, Chief Operating Officer at Donald Trump for President, Inc., told The Hill that billing should be handled through the U.S. Secret Service rather than the campaign.

“The city disputes Glassner’s assertion and say the expenses should not be passed on to taxpayers because the visit was based around a rally intended to bolster the president’s re-election campaign,” reports Newsweek.


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