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The Guardians of Democracy

’12 More Years’: Trump Jokes About Being President For Life At GOP Convention


’12 More Years’: Trump Jokes About Being President For Life At GOP Convention

President Trump joked about running for “12 more years” after receiving enough votes during the roll call of states to secure the GOP nomination for a second term as president.

Trump — who took the stage to as the crowd chanted “Four more years!” — began with an alarming provocation.

“If you want to really drive them crazy, you say 12 more years,” Trump said.

The crowd reacted by cheering and chanting “12 more years!”

Trump immediately into unfounded allegations that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, Jr had spied on his campaign.

“We caught them doing really bad things,” he said. “Let’s see what happens. They’re trying it again.”

He also falsely claimed that Democratic governors across the country would reopen their states on November 4, after the election, implying they were implementing safety precautions amid the pandemic to hurt his political chances.

Last week, Trump told his supporters that he intends to run for office again in 2024 and may stay in office beyond the 8 years the U.S. Constitution allows for.

At an event in Mankato, Minnesota, Trump told the crowd: “We are going to win four more years.”

The crowd inside the event started chanting “four more years” during the president’s speech.

Trump responded, “then after that we’ll go another four years, because you know what, they spied on my campaign.”

“We should get a redo of four years,” Trump added.

Trump last year suggested in a tweet that his supporters might “demand” that he serve more than two terms as president.

Trump has previously joked about serving more than two terms, including at a campaign rally in May 2019, when he told a crowd that he could potentially serve a fifth term in the White House with their help.

A month earlier, he told a crowd that he might remain in the Oval Office “at least for 10 or 14 years.”


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