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The Guardians of Democracy

More Than 100 Lawmakers Call On Defense Sec. James Mattis To Reverse Transgender Troop Ban


More Than 100 Lawmakers Call On Defense Sec. James Mattis To Reverse Transgender Troop Ban

More than 100 members of Congress, led by Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.), signed a letter Tuesday calling on Defense Secretary James Mattis to reverse the Pentagon’s policy barring most transgender people from serving in the military, USA Today reported.

Kennedy said the Pentagon “used outdated studies and cherry-picked data” to reach its findings.

“There is a deep chasm between established medical research and the underlying analysis your Department used to justify this policy, and we call on you to reverse your recommendations,” Kennedy writes, according to USA Today.

The Hill added:

The ban seeks to reverse a 2016 policy signed under President Obama that allowed transgender troops to enlist, serve and seek medical treatment.

But courts have issued preliminary injunctions in four separate lawsuits that require the Pentagon to continue allowing open service while the cases work their way through the court system. No new policy can go into effect until then.

The lawmakers point to statements from the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association which have all opposed the ban.

“The Trump Administration’s decision to ban transgender troops abandons our proudest values, undermines our armed forces, defies established medical research and ignores basic science,” Kennedy said in a statement to USA Today.

“If President Trump and his administration are committed to all of our service members, they will immediately reverse this bigoted ban.”





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